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From Cents To Dollars

The other day I was reading through The Consumerist and came across a post on 112 Ways To Save Money which was put together after readers submitted their money saving secrets. It is an interesting read that may provide a bit of inspiration to those who are looking to save money. Some of the ways listed in the post are interesting to say the least. The five ways that I found the most interesting were:

1. Brushing without toothpaste

2. Jack all the free soap in a hotel room

3. Buy nearly spoiled meat then freeze it

4. Have only 4 periods a year to save on sanitary supplies

5. DIY ladies sanitary items

There were a few money saving tips listed that are not new to me and are already a part of my life. These include:

1. Make a Garden – At the start of the year I put together a small wooden planter box to grow our own herbs which lead to planting our own vegetables as well.

2. Cut Your Own Hair – my wife cuts my hair which saves on having to go to the barber shop

3. Prepaid Cell Service – I don’t spend a lot of time on my mobile phone and there aren’t any plans that would work out better than being on a prepaid service

4. Using Farmer’s Markets – this works out to be much cheaper than going to the supermarket and the quality of the fruit and vegetables is much better

Putting in money saving measures doesn’t necessarily mean making drastic changes to way you live. There are so many things that we can implement into our lives to save us a few dollars here and there. The few dollars that you save yourself doing all sorts of bits and pieces add up and over time you could have saved yourself thousands of dollars.

What are you doing to save yourself money?


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