2 Ways To Get Your Guests & Visitors To Leave a TripAdvisor Review

Before we really got into the swing of things in the New Year, we decided to have a long weekend out of town. We decided on Paihia in the Bay of Islands as our getaway destination and it was well worth it. For Kiwis or visitors to NZ who haven’t been to the Bay of Islands, you will not be disappointed by all that it has to offer.

During and after our trip, we encountered two instances where we were encouraged to leave a review on TripAdvisor. Whenever we travel domestically or internationally, more often than not, we turn to TripAdvisor when deciding on a hotel. Even though I turn to this site to make a decision on accommodation, one thing I have never done (until now) was leave a review. All it took for me to leave reviews was a couple simple call to action presented in two different ways.


Our weekend included a visit to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds which included a cultural performance by Te Pitowhenua. The group put on a good show and at the end of it when both them and the audience were still on a high, one of the members stepped forward with a smile and asked if everyone who enjoyed what they had just watched. Just about everyone responded positively and the member went on to encourage everyone to go to TripAdvisor as soon as they can, search for “Waitangi Treaty Grounds” and leave a review.


During our time in the Bay of Islands, we stayed at the Copthorne and two days after we checked out, we received a thank you email with the following included in the first paragraph:

“If you have had a satisfying stay, tell others about your visit and post a comment on TripAdvisor”

That’s all it took for me to leave a review and truth be told, if it wasn’t for the email I may not have left a review.

There you have it, getting your guests or visitors to leave a TripAdvisor review is simply a matter of asking them either in person or in a thank you email.

How are you as a business getting people to leave TripAdvisor reviews?


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