Affiliate Marketing – Advertiser Ad Relevance

The relevance of your advertiser’s ads in relation to your site content can play a big part in your commission earnings. It is important to place ads, text links, or product links that are relevant to your site/blog’s content. Contextual banners, buttons, embedded text links etc. related to your site/blog’s content are more likely to be noticed by readers.

Items out of context are most likely to be ignored. These ads end up taking up space that you could use and in some cases puts off readers who really don’t want to see irrelevant ads plastered all over the page.

In the case of text links a good thing to do is that every time you mention the name of an advertiser within your articles, add it in as a text link.

There is a lot more to learn when it comes to affiliate marketing and I’m still very much in the process of learning. For some really good information on affiliate marketing it would pay to invest in Quit Your Day Job by Jeremy Palmer (Click Here!) which is a very good resource on affiliate marketing.

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