AGLOCO BUZZ – Potential for BIG Money!!

I have visited quite a few sites/blogs over the past few days and everywhere I go there seems to be a really big buzz going on about AGLOCO; I’ve been thinking about whether or not to sign up? I was a bit sceptical at first but after going to their site and reading through what they have to offer I decided to sign up.

AGLOCO works on the concept of a social network, to further explain this take the example of Youtube. When Youtube was sold to google only the 2 founders benefited from the $1.65bn sale and nothing went to the members. As you might know YouTube generates billions because of the huge advertising and marketing opportunities it creates and as such networks grow so does their economic potential. With AGLOCO, if it’s to be sold to lets say Google both the founders and the members will share the profits. It is currently setting out to create an economic community that will potentially generate the same or more economic potential as Youtube, but unlike Youtube, AGLOCO members who help to create this community will benefit generously.

Signing up to the network is quick and easy. When you’ve become a member you will be asked to download the AGLOCO Viewbar™ software (Note: the Viewbar™ software is currently unavailable, as it is in closed testing. It will be ready for public download in a few weeks, and members will be notified when it is available.)

AGLOCO makes money for its members in a number of ways such as searching(using the AGLOCO Viewbar™), advertising (via the AGLOCO Viewbar™), transaction commissions, software distribution, service distribution and product distribution.
Members make money in the following ways:
-a monthly share of AGLOCO revenue based on use of the Viewbar™.
-use of the referral system to help build the network.
-a share of the commission AGLOCO gets when members purchase products from AGLOCO sponsor companies.
All you have to do is browse the net for 5 hours a month using their Viewbar™ and you get paid.
You also get paid for when your affiliates use it and when their affiliates use it.

As far as I can see it is a win win situation for everyone. Its a pretty good deal to me and there is a potential to make a lot of money.

So what are you waiting for – if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and sign up to AGLOCO.

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  1. Anonymous May 20, 2007 at 2:31 pm #
  2. Debo Hobo June 30, 2007 at 4:45 am #

    I have pulled AGLOCO from my site. I am not confident in the affiliate program. More often then not I am unable to get to the site, server not available. I hate to miss out on a potential revenue generator, but if it is so great then it will be around later and I can sign back up then.

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