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Kontera is Gone

It has been about 135 days since I put Kontera ContentLink™ in-text ads on my blog. Within this time period I have been comparing the revenue generated from it to Adsense. Over the first half of the trial period earnings between the two were just about on par with Adsense coming out on top. Since […]

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Domain Parking

s thingA couple of weeks ago I registered domain names for projects I am working on of which I will announce once the sites are up and running. In the process of trying to register domain names I got to thinking about parked domains. A lot of the names that I tried to register were […]

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Do You Need To Raise Money? Use ChipIn.

I was reading through Simon’s Money Notes the other day and noticed a widget (right) that caught my eye. It is a ChipIn widget which he is using to raise funds for a John Chow review. I went to ChipIn’s site to see what they were all about. It is service that simplifies fundraising. To […]

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Earn Cash for Completing Surveys Online

There are so many survey companies that carry out market research. A number of them reward members for participating in their surveys. As an incentive for participation they offer cash and/or other items such as electronics, gift certificates and the list goes on. Cash payouts vary from a couple of dollars all the way up […]

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Yet another Facebook application to make Money from

A fellow blogger, Clement directed me towards yet another Facebook application from which you can earn a bit of money – Cash Cliques. It works almost on the same concept as Clixsense. Members earn shares by clicking on ads and referring new members. The current pay rates are 5 or 8 shares per website visited […]

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Sign up for AuctionAds Today and get $25

Have you signed up to AuctionAds? If you haven’t already done so, now might be a good time to. They are giving new sign ups a free $25.00 credit. Besides you getting $25 it means that you will reach the minimum earnings payout that much quicker. In a previous post Earn Extra Cash Running eBay […]

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Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is a fast growing social network on which more and more applications are being added. Some of them will let make a bit of money. Here are a couple that are proving to be quite popular: Lending Club – Their application allows for person to person lending. A borrower submits a loan request which […]

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Publish on Associated Content and get Paid!

Associated Content (AC) is an online media company where you can submit content whether it be video, text, audio or images on any topics. What’s great about AC is that you get paid for your submissions. After you submit your content it is reviewed and an offer is made for it. The offer usually ranges […]

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