Affiliate Training Webinar Video by Heather Paulson

The video you have just watched a advanced affiliate link available to you through Commission Junction. That was one of the new things I was introduced to last weekend when I attended a affiliate training webinar put together and run by Heather Paulson of the Paulson Management Group.

The webinar touched on a number of topics which included

  • Knowing the product
  • Marketing
  • Who you are marketing to
  • What sort of thing to take into consideration in your marketing efforts
  • Paid search and creating paid search campaigns

Just like with most things in life there are only a few things that you will take away from such presentations. For me, paid search is what stood out the most not only because of Heather mentioning that paid search affiliates convert really fast and well but because it looks like something that isn’t too hard to set up and will give good results if done right. I must admit, I am very new to the whole idea but it is something I am going to be working on.

A lot of what was mentioned is definitely transferable. Heather recorded the webinar and I thought it would be a good idea to share it with those of you who are interested. I’ll stop waffling on and let you watch the video of the webinar which is available here: affiliate training webinar.

What are your thoughts on the presentation.

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