Buy OEM Packed or Refurbished Electronics and Save

[ad#Adsense 250×250 White]If you shun OEM packed or refurbished products when you are hunting around for electronics or appliances don’t! Why? Because you could save yourself a lot of money. My 2 year old daughter just completely destroyed my cell phone and I am looking around for a replacement. To that effect I have been doing a bit of research to see where I can get a good deal on a good cell phone and I was a bit surprised to see the difference in price between phones selling for the RRP, those in OEM packaging and refurbished ones.

What is OEM Packed and Refurbished?

OEM Packaging

Some products are sold without all the shiny and fancy retail packaging and come in packaging that is not visually appealing. This packaging is more economical for the manufacturere since it uses less paper, plastic, ink and cardboard. That for you as the consumer means that the manufacturer is able to offer the products at a discounted rate. Another upside to OEM packaging is that it is better for the environment due to less waste. One thing though about some OEM packed products is that some things such as accessories, software and documentation may vary so you need to pay attention to what you are getting.

Refurbished Products

When it comes to electronics this does not necessarily mean that the item had to pulled apart and be completely rebuilt. Refurbished products can fall under any of the following; customer returns, damaged to the packaging during shipping, cosmetic damage, demo units, open box or overstock items. In essence, there really is nothing wrong with the product itself. It may have been used very lightly or not at all. The fact that it was returned to the manufacturer for inspection, repair (if need be) and repackaged classifies it as refurbished since it can no longer be sold as brand new.

Given that OEM packed or refurbished goods come with warranties and have been checked over by the manufacturer and in almost all cases have nothing wrong with them, I would be more than willing to spend my money on then than on those in shiny new retail packaging. I am going to save about $150 on the cell phone I intend on getting by buying one in OEM packaging.

Would you buy OEM packed or refurbished?

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  1. Kristina September 3, 2009 at 2:02 pm #

    Gerri, This is a really useful post. I have one major question, though, and that is where does one find OEM products? For instance, I want to buy a blackberry – where would I look for an OEM one? Thank you.

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