Cameras & the cost of trying to run a red or amber light in Auckland

Within 10 minutes of leaving home yesterday, I saw two people chancing it and trying to beat an amber traffic light that turned red on them before they crossed the intersection. This is something that I see just about every other day, be it an amber light or one that has actually gone red!

This is something that a number of us do or have done in the past (myself included). But, this behaviour which is done for various reasons which may include trying to save time, lack of patience and so on comes with its own perils.

Stats from the Ministry of transport show that from 2009 to 2013, there were 280 fatal crashes and 2,965 serious injury crashes at intersections. 12 of the fatal crashes and 149 of the serious injury crashes were a result of someone running an amber or red light.

The fact that you could hurt or kill yourself, a loved one or a total stranger doesn’t really click especially if running lights is something you have gotten away with time and time again. But, things are changing. One thing that I noticed over the Christmas period was a couple of red light cameras being installed in East Auckland.

There were a couple already in place in other parts of Auckland but these new ones come with a difference.

You might think you have beaten them by getting through and not getting involved in a traffic incident but you may have been snapped! Trying to beat an amber or red light could now see you receving an infringement notice to the tune of $150.

So, there you have it. If the human cost isn’t enough to get you to think twice about running a red light, then maybe a a couple or more $150 at a time hits to the pocket might.

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