Cash In On New Zealand Photos With mychillybin

mychillybin - Images of New Zealand If you live in, have visited or are planning on visiting New Zealand you will probably know that there are endless photographic opportunities. If you are in New Zealand or have visited and have a camera, chances are you have captured a number of breathtaking images of it landscape, people, architecture and anything else that is New Zealand.

mychillybin which went online this month was created to give people access to quality royalty-free images on everything Kiwi because there wasn’t any other site like it around. This presents you, the photographer with the opportunity to cash in on your images of New Zealand. Becoming a mychillybin photographer is pretty simple and only involves you submitting three varied images so that they can see what you are made off. Once accepted you will need to upload some photo ID and provide them with a few details such as you address and bank account details and you are on your way to earning some money.

They charge members between NZ$25 and NZ$100 per image purchased depending on its size and licence type. The photographer gets to pocket 35-40% and you could stand to make a fair amount of money depending on how frequently your images are downloaded. Mychillybin is not limited to people who live in New Zealand. People overseas can take advantage of this opportunity to earn from the images they have of New Zealand. They only thing is that at the moment you have to have a New Zealand bank account in order to receive payment. So, if you were or are in New Zealand as a tourist, student, worker or whatever else you could have an account piling up with spending money for the next time you return or to even finance your entire trip (if you are that lucky). Check them out and see if your images of New Zealand can earn you a bit of cash.

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  1. Anonymous February 2, 2009 at 12:34 pm #

    I’ve been contributing photos to mychillybin and loving it. Worth checking it out!

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