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Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is a fast growing social network on which more and more applications are being added. Some of them will let make a bit of money. Here are a couple that are proving to be quite popular: Lending Club – Their application allows for person to person lending. A borrower submits a loan request which […]

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Publish on Associated Content and get Paid!

Associated Content (AC) is an online media company where you can submit content whether it be video, text, audio or images on any topics. What’s great about AC is that you get paid for your submissions. After you submit your content it is reviewed and an offer is made for it. The offer usually ranges […]

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Risky Business! – Forex Trading.

My fiancée is very much into forex trading and has been doing it for a couple of years. Along the way she has made a few good gains and a some losses. The last couple of days have treated her very well and she made herself a tidy amount of money. This is how – […]

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Monetising with News

Here is a video I came across on TheNewsRoom which is quite interesting. It is a short piece on a once anonymous blogger Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes magazine who assumed the persona of Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive. TheNewsRoom is a news site that gives you access to an array of fully […]

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Make Money via Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you want to make a bit of money from it? Well, PayPerPost has launched a Facebook application that lets you do just that. All it entails is linking up your Facebook account to your PPP account and getting your friends to sign up, that easy. I must say […]

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Is Blog Monetization Bad?

There are so many blogs out there that look like they have been put up purely to make money and are plastered with ads. Some of them claim to make a decent amount of money and others say they are hardly making any. A lot of them have content that is not particularly focused which […]

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Online Auctions – Buy To Resell

There are quite a few items for sale on eBay!,, and so on that you can buy to resell on eBay! or other auction sites and make a good profit. There are so many things that sell for as little as 99c that you can go on to sell for up to $20. […]

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Buy Me A Beer? – PayPal Donation Button?

[ad#Adsense 250×250 White]I read through other blogs whenever I can and quite a few of them have a Buy Me A Beer (or similar) plugin or a standard PayPal donation button. I see this whole concept of buying someone a beer or basically donating a really small amount of money to them as a show […]

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