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Steve Stoute on Brand Marketing

The_Tanning_of America_by_Steve_Stoute

Last month, I came across Steve Stoute being interviewed by Piers on Piers Morgan Tonight that touched on some of his successes in life, his new book; The Tanning of America: How Hip-Hop Created a Culture That Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy and how he would brand Obama. That short interview was insightful […]

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How To Organise Your Affiliate Links by Keller

As an affiliate marketer one thing that happens as time goes by is that you sign up to a number of programs which presents the issue of how to keep track of and organise all of your affiliate links. I was over at and came across a video that Keller put together that provides […]

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ZaaBiz Offering Cash For Your Twitter Followers

ZaaBiz, an Australian networking platform for professionals where people can interact on a business level is offering its members the chance to monetize their Tweets. Not only do get the chance to engage with like minded professionals where you can open yourself to a whole new world of opportunity, you can also earn money on […]

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Affiliate Marketing in 2009 – A Positive Outlook

I was just over at EJ Cooksey’s blog and came across a video by Rosalind Gardner talking about the outlook for affiliate marketing in 2009. With the current economic environment I would have thought that it would only get harder but she seems to think otherwise and gives reasons as to why she thinks so. […]

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