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A U.S. Shipping Address for New Zealanders

So many businesses and individuals in New Zealand have come across great U.S. based websites that sell items perfect for their needs or just that something that they have to have. From my own personal experience, my heart has started racing from all the excitement when adding items to the shopping cart and proceeded to […]

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Do You Obsess About Making Money?

I read a fantastic post Don’t Get Money Worshiper Syndrome by Tony at The ScholarPreneur where he was basically talking about what it means to be an entrepreneur, and the point of having money. He wrote about creativity being one of the driving forces of entrepreneurship which I agree with 100%. If you are able […]

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Movember Update

A quick update on my Movember efforts and information on how to sponsor me via the Movember website. So far I have managed to raise $27 from my Mo which may not be a lot but it is something that wil. Here is a bit of interesting information before I get to how to donate […]

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Movember – Prostate Cancer Awareness

This post is about something that needs to be addressed. It is November which marks the start of MOVEMBER. Movember is a month long charity event where guys (Mo Bros) grow their moustaches and in the process raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. The rules are pretty simple. On the 1st of November Mo […]

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Kontera is Gone

It has been about 135 days since I put Kontera ContentLink™ in-text ads on my blog. Within this time period I have been comparing the revenue generated from it to Adsense. Over the first half of the trial period earnings between the two were just about on par with Adsense coming out on top. Since […]

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Kontera Update

On the 23rd of May I put up a post – To Kontera or not? which briefly outlined what Kontera is, people’s thoughts on it and my little experiment of comparing it to Google’s Adsense. It has been just over a couple of months since I implemented Kontera and its has been running pretty good. […]

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Is Blog Monetization Bad?

There are so many blogs out there that look like they have been put up purely to make money and are plastered with ads. Some of them claim to make a decent amount of money and others say they are hardly making any. A lot of them have content that is not particularly focused which […]

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To KONTERA or not?

A few days ago I put up Kontera ContentLink in-text ads as a source of revenue.Kontera’s ContentLink basically turns certain keywords from your web page into a link to a txt ad from Kontera’s advertisers. There are quite a few Kontera advocates who are touting it as the next big thing after Google’s Adsense. On […]

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My First Ever Blog Post

Where is all that money? “There is so much money to be made out there!!!” I don’t know how many times I have heard that statement. I want to get my hands on some of that money. Every day I seem to hear stories of people who have or are making a lot of money […]

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