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Groupon Discount Shopping Saves You 50% to 90%

If you are one of those people that are always on the look out for discount offers to save you money you need to take a look at Groupon if you haven’t already done so. Groupon is a service that features massive daily discounts (50% to 90%) on goods and services in your city ranging […]

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Quit Smoking and Save Thousands of Dollars!

I am not going to go into the whole thing about the health benefits of giving up smoking. What I am going to go into is the financial benefits. That is not to say that the health benefits aren’t important. There is enough information out there already that outlines the health benefits of quitting. I […]

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Personal Tax Refunds DIY | New Zealand


The last couple of years or so has seen an increase in the number of companies in New Zealand that process tax refunds. They advertise by telling the public something like ”you could be owed a tax refund for the last five years. If any refunds owed are unclaimed after 5 years you lose it. […]

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