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Buy OEM Packed or Refurbished Electronics and Save

[ad#Adsense 250×250 White]If you shun OEM packed or refurbished products when you are hunting around for electronics or appliances don’t! Why? Because you could save yourself a lot of money. My 2 year old daughter just completely destroyed my cell phone and I am looking around for a replacement. To that effect I have been […]

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Saving Money on Pet Care

More than half of the people I work with have pets and just about every one of them is completely in love with their dog, cat or whatever animal they chose to look after. One thing that I have heard just about every single one of them talk about is how much their pets are […]

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100+ Ways To Save Money | The Consumerist

The other day I was reading through The Consumerist and came across a post on 112 Ways To Save Money which was put together after readers submitted their money saving secrets. It is an interesting read that may provide a bit of inspiration to those who are looking to save money. Some of the ways […]

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