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Saving Money on Pet Care

More than half of the people I work with have pets and just about every one of them is completely in love with their dog, cat or whatever animal they chose to look after. One thing that I have heard just about every single one of them talk about is how much their pets are […]

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100+ Ways To Save Money | The Consumerist

The other day I was reading through The Consumerist and came across a post on 112 Ways To Save Money which was put together after readers submitted their money saving secrets. It is an interesting read that may provide a bit of inspiration to those who are looking to save money. Some of the ways […]

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Save With Microsoft Live Search Cashback

A fair number of us make a lot our purchases online not only because it is convenient but because of all the deals that you can get your hands on online. If you delve deeper into getting the best deal possible you will find that you can in fact get more of a deal on […]

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Rent Books Online at BookSwim and Save

I just came across a great way through which people who love reading can save themselves some money and still read the books they want to read by renting them instead of buying them. With BookSwim you can do just that. Once you have signed up, you add the books you want to read to […]

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Have You Started Saving For Christmas 2008?

The festive season has come and gone and hopefully all of you had an a enjoyable Christmas and New Year. This time of the year means different things to different people and we all celebrate it in our own way. All the gift buying and celebrating comes at a cost and one thing that I […]

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Ebay Bargain Search for Misspelt Items

I just stopped by ebestagent and came across a fantastic tool that can be used when looking for eBay! bargains and/or items to resell. A countless number of items are listed on eBay! with spelling mistakes in the descriptions. This leads to a high chance of buyers not being able to find these items. If […]

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Save……on calls – Skype!!

Besides trying to make money, it pays to also find ways of cutting down costs. There is no point in making a killing doing whatever it is that you are doing and at the same time spending a lot of money doing it. If you are someone who makes a lot of phones calls, an […]

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