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Tinder with care!

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Truth be told, I’m kinda old school when it comes to affairs of heart, I do not see the internet (i.e. dating websites) and other associated apps as the way to go. I just find the concept of connecting with strangers in the digital world in the hopes of finding love in the physical world […]

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Where Kiwis Can Learn To YouTube Like a Pro?


Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame and in this day in age, for some it comes in the form of becoming a YouTube sensation. Getting to that point can sometimes be by mistake and sometimes by design. Whatever the case may be as to how sensations are born, there are those who have managed […]

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New Zealand Social Media Statistics, October 2013


Just over half a year ago, I published statistics on the number of Kiwi’s signed up to the various social networks > New Zealand Social Media Statistics, March 2013. Given the amount of time that has gone by since then, it felt appropriate to revisit the numbers to see where things sit to date. The […]

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