Earn money as a FreshBooks cloud accounting software affiliate

We now live in a world where many people are starting up businesses of all shapes and sizes. Of this group of people, some are leaving the 9-5 and taking on these new ventures 100% and putting their all into. For others, it is a side hustle that they work on during their ‘spare time’.

For many, it will be their first foray into business and along with this comes a whole new set of challenges. Along with these challenges comes having to learn and do a range of tasks that, depending on their background, would have previously never crossed their mind. Accounting is one of those tasks and just the mere mention of the word is enough to cause a headache.

But, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are tools and services out there that make the whole process quick and easy. FreshBooks is one of them. If you have already heard of it, it is a small business cloud accounting software solution (try it out for yourself if you haven’t already done so > Click here for a Free Trial) that simplifies and automates tasks such as time tracking, expensing and invoicing, just to name a few.

If you are in a space where you see a number of people around you starting up, thinking about starting up or are already in business for that matter, it might pay to refer them to FreshBooks for an accounting solution.

Benefits of becoming a FreshBooks affiliate

  •  Earn $5 for each free 30 day trial signup
  • Earn an additional $55 per paid subscriber
  • 120 cookie window for visitors to start a free trial
  • Bonus commissions for top performers
  • Great in-house affiliate management and partner support team

How to become a FreshBooks affiliate

The FreshBooks affiliate program is managed via ShareASale and signing up is quick and easy. If you are already signed up to ShareASale it'll take a couple of clicks or so to apply to the program. If you aren't signed up to ShareASale, within a few short and simple steps, you can sign up and apply to the program.

So, if you are blogger, someone with a content or review site or a social media influencer in a space that especially covers topics such as business, finance, marketing or productivity, it may be worth your while sign up to the FreshBooks affiliate program - click here to sign up as a FreshBooks affiliate.


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