Expedia’s “Find Yours” Marketing Campaign

Expedia recently launched their “Find Yours” marketing campaign which is a little different to what you would expect from a company that helps people plan and purchase anything to do with travel and providing them with the best deals from across the globe. As part of the campaign, they use a short film that features a man struggling to come to terms with his daughter’s pending marriage to a woman (video below).

It is not everyday that you see Expedia send out an LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) themed brand message that Expedia Vice President & General Manager, Joe Megibow says is not targeted at the LGBT community but at “everyone” with the “Find Yours” page stating the following:

We know that every trip is unique, personal and has the potential to be transformational. With more travel options than anyone else, we exist to help each individual find exactly what it is they are looking for.

Since the release of the video at the start of October, it has had well over 2 million views so there is no denying that it was an excellent piece of content marketing. But given the sensitivities associated with the content they chose to feature, it may leave some people with questions.

Even though the LGBT travel industry is worth an estimated $65 billion per year, do you think such a brand message could backfire on them? Was it worth it for them to take such a stance and create this kind of content for their marketing campaign?

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