Haggle And Save Yourself Money

Recession or no recession, one thing that is good to know is the art of haggling. Last weekend we made some big purchases for some very much needed household items. We were lucky enough to find the items at what was literally a steal and my wife had the audacity to ask for even more of a discount and without much negotiation, she got one. Thinking that was just a fluke, we stopped by a big retailer for one more item and she did the exact same thing and got yet another discount on a sale item.

A lot of the time, haggling is not a long drawn out process, it is simply a matter of asking for the price you want and sticking to your guns. If the salesperson is willing to lower the price you may or may not get whatever it is at the price you want but at least you will have been able to save yourself some money if you do get a discount. That being said, what have you go to loose by asking for a better deal?

When it comes to what you can and cant negotiate the price of, I say anything goes. A lot people will for example say or think that there is no way that it can be done with a big retailer but it can. Having that mindset is just limiting yourself and taking yourself out of a position where you could save big!

One more thing to point out is that the whole process can work out a whole lot easier if you are cashing rather than financing whatever it is you want. I guess that there is going back to the notion that cash is King!

Last weekend my wife managed to save us a thousand or so dollars by simply asking. The next time you are out and about shopping for something give it a go and see where it gets you. You too could end up saving big. Remember, EVERYTHING is negotiable!

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  1. Lakhyajyoti May 5, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    Nice sharing.Agree with you money you save is money is earn.
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