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How New Zealanders Can Save on Power Bills | Powerswitch

One thing that is definitely happening in New Zealand is that the cost of living is going up yet there doesn’t seem to a similar rise in wages to match it. Gas and electricity bills are already high enough and are also on the rise. One thing that a lot of us, including myself are doing about the rise in power bills is just accepting them for what they are and not shopping around for alternatives. A recent news article stated that Kiwi households could save up to $240 million a year on power if they took the time to find the cheapest alternative.

My guess is, the thought of looking around for the cheapest alternative can be a bit daunting which may be one of the reasons that people don’t bother. In actual fact, this task is really not that hard thanks to a savings calculator put together by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Consumer NZ, Powerswitch. Powerswitch is a site that consumers can visit to search for and chose the best power company for their needs.

How it all works is pretty simple and will only takes a few short minutes. To calculate the savings that you could make, you need to fill out a short questionnaire about your energy consumption. This can be done with or without a bill but, using information from a previous bill is recommended so as to come up with the best possible estimate. After you have filled in all the required information, a comparison report is generated and from there, the decision is yours on what to do with the information you are presented with.

Even if you think you aren’t paying too much for your power and have the best deal around, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at Powerswitch to see if there is anything better. You never know, you may be in for a pleasant surprise that could result in you keeping more of your hard earned money.

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