From physician to inspiring Instagram photographer

So many of use start up in a particular career early on in our lives and stick with it up until we retire. But, it’s fair to say the a number of us aren’t happy with our jobs and according to Seek research from earlier in the year, that figure sits at 40% for Kiwis. That said, a good chunk of that 40% stay where they are because amongst other things, the thought of taking the plunge into something they are passionate about is daunting.

I frequently come across people who outright say that they hate what they do and wish they had taken a different path in life and that if they had, they probably would have been so much happier. I’m not excluding myself from this pool of people because sometimes I find myself umming and ahhing about what I do from 9 to 5. It is ‘enjoyable enough’ to a certain extent but at the um and uh moments, I start wondering what if?

Whilst watching the latest instalment of African Voices (video below), I was inspired by Ahmad El-Abi, a conceptual & creative photographer from Egypt who ‘took the plunge’. This guy is a qualified physician who after only practicing medicine for a short while decided it wasn’t for him, switched gears and pursued other interests. What made this stand out more is the fact that medicine is not the shortest, easiest or cheapest course to study.

He himself says that medicine was not for him and something he went into through family influence. He had an interest in colour and ducks and that led him towards photography where he now finds himself doing something that he is passionate about. He uses social media, specifically Instagram to reach people which along the way has had the unexpected consequences of ‘inspiring the next person to try, to follow their passion’ as he puts it.

As the feature progresses it becomes more apparent that he had to take a risk and do something that he was passionate about and one thing that was quite evident was his happiness!

The main thing that can be drawn from Ahmad and his experience is that if you are not happy about where you are and know what you want to do, go for it. We all deserve to be happy.

Are you where you want to be?

Featured image credit: Ahmad El-Abi

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