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It’s Time To Make Money From The iPhone 4S

Apple is set to announce its eagerly awaited iPhone 5 (or maybe iPhone 4S) on October 4 at the “Lets Talk iPhone” event. Surveys show that anticipation for the next generation iPhone is high and Gazelle (a recommerce site) has noticed a marked increase in the number of iPhones being traded in over the last few days. All of this points towards a successful launch for whatever it is Apple will announce on Tuesday and with that will more than likely lead to a significant increase in revenue for them.

They won’t be the only people who will make a financial gain from the iPhone. Affiliate marketers out there may want to think about; in fact, forget thinking about, SHOULD start promoting iPhone related offers. These can include promoting various iPhone accessories such as cases, docking stations, speakers (and the list goes on) from e-tailers such as Cellular Factory and Cellphone Shop. A fact that may be of interest about Cellphone Shop is that they provide a dropshipping service so you could sell accessories on marketplaces such as eBay without having to stock up on inventory.

Something else to take into consideration as a way of making money is app development. With the release of a new iPhone, there is bound to be a new range of functionality. This may lay the foundation to new and never-before-seen apps being able to be developed. There may be people out there who have ideas for new applications but wont have a clue as to how to create them. How to Create iPhone Apps with Zero Programming Skills is a good start for people in this position.

There you have it. As far as the iPhone goes, there is no time better than the present to get yourself ready to cash in on it!!

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  1. Allen Cerezo October 4, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    Some expert affiliate marketers have foreseen the potential of it a month ago. Last month, I’ve seen some marketers promoting iPhone 5 blogs. I even read comments with “iPhone 5” keyword on it.

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