Kate Gosselin Saves Money Using Coupons, So Can You

If you are like me and a lot of other people I know, then you will more than likely be in a situation where you want to keep as much of the hard earned money in your pocket. One way that I try to keep as much of my money on me and not throw it in the direction of retailers is by keeping an eye out for bargains on the things I need (note: things I need, NOT WANT!).

One easy way to get things at a bargain is the through the use of coupons. A lot of us spend a fair amount of money on our weekly groceries, which makes grocery shopping one of the areas where you can maximise on the use of coupons and shave a few dollars off the bill. That there sums up the benefits of clipping coupons, you get to SAVE money and in some cases you save a lot!! A couple of days ago I was reading an article online that mentioned how Kate Gosselin (of Kate Plus Eight) has become an avid coupon clipper and on occasion has managed to save more than 50% off a grocery bill. Something else she also mentioned was that she has never shopped at some stores without coupons.

Where To Find Coupons?

  • Flyers, newspapers, store entrances – your local supermarket or retailers may chose to distribute their coupons via these methods
  • Coupon sites – there are a number of online coupon sites such as where you can find coupons for all sorts of products and services
  • Twitter – and example of how I use the social network: from time to time I might buy a domain name or need to renew my domains with GoDaddy. At these points I always turn to Twitter and do a coupon search. The reason I turn to the social network is because it provides real time information. I never fail to find a coupon code that is worth my while
  • Google – the search engine is also a good place to search for coupons. The only issue I have with it is that now and then the results point me towards expired coupons and it gets annoying trying to find valid ones in all the ‘noise’
  • – yes, you can buy coupons on the auction site starting at under $1. Simply search for “” or narrow down your search using terms based on the type of coupons you are looking for

How Not To Use Coupons

One thing that coupons can do is to entice you to buy something that you don’t need. As I’ve already mentioned above it’s about making savings on things that you need, not want. From time to time it may take some will power to not be swayed into buying something you don’t need simply because you can make a saving on it.

If you haven’t tried coupon clipping, give it a go and see if the savings are worth your while.

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