The Key Revenue Streams For Your Online Business?

I created an online presence a few years ago with the initial intention of pretty much just wanting to make money. This was all done with no plan or idea of how it was going to happen. As you can imagine, I did make any money for a while.

Nonetheless, I stuck with it and over the years I’ve developed a keen interest in particular areas which include money (not so much just the making of it), marketing and social media. Along the way, I have learn’t a few things and some of the knowledge I’ve aquired includes how people are making money online.

For day 10 of the 30 DayBlog Challenge, Natalie talks about the 3 main ways through which people make money online, video below:

As far as my online journey goes, I have implemented some of the knowledge I have acquired and used it to create revenue streams. Out of all the ways that there are of making money online, I have pretty much narrowed it down to the following two methods:

Affiliate Marketing (Trust Marketing)

There are so many great tools out there that people can use to make a certain aspect (be it personal or professional) of their life easier. There are a few products and services that fit in perfectly on this blog and another one that I administer. I myself use a number of these products or services on a regular basis and recommended them to readers whenever it is appropriate.


Another avenue through which I am working on  to make money is advertising and this is more the case on the other site I run. The best thing about that particular site is that a high proportion of the content is user generated which leaves me in a position where I have more time to work on marketing the site and  the advertising and sponsorship side of things.

Both of the methods outlined above are still very much a work in progress and I am continually tweaking and testing to see what works best. The thing about the web is that it is a continually evolving beast (so to speak) and what worked a few months or a year ago may not work today which is why it pays to stay up to date with industry news.

What are your chosen methods for making money?

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