Kris Jones On 4 Sure-fire Ways of Monetising Your Blog

Kris Jones is an entrepreneur who is no stranger to making money online with the internet seeing him become a millionaire. Over the years he has worked on a number of projects which include starting Pepperjam which was bought by GSI Commerce (now owned by eBay), a best selling book and an investment fund KBJ Capital which has interests in a number of internet based companies.

A little while ago I came across a presentation (video below) that he gave at NEPA BlogCon, “Monetizing Your Blog and Internet Presence”. During the presentation he not only talks about 4 ways of making money online, he also talks about his start in the online world, lessons he has learned along the way and strategies to making a lot of money.

The 4 Ways of Monetising Your Blog

1. Sell Placements (Advertising Space)

  • focus on a niche and sell placements on your site to people who want to get in front of your audience
  • create opportunities on your blog for placements
  • devise a strategy for reaching out to people who may be interested in placements on your site

2. Affiliate Marketing

  • post affiliate links within content from networks such as PepperJam, CJ, Shareasale, Linkshare and Google Affiliate Network
  • this can be seen as being more risky as you are getting paid on a performance basis versus a fixed placement payment where you could for example get paid $500/month from an advertiser
  • traffic is a factor on how much you can make via affiliate marketing

3. Display Advertising/Google AdSense

  • contextual based advertising that usual pays on a per click basis (revenue share)
  • can add value to your readers by displaying relevant ads
  • a good supplemental tool to paid placements and affiliate marketing
  • it is not recommended as the number one way of making money online

4. Subscriptions

  • charging readers a monthly fee for access to premium content
  • a good way of making money if you can crack it because it is continuity based

You can find Kris Jones at

What are your thoughts about Kris’s 4 ways on monetising your blog and do you have any other methods that have worked for you?

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