Make Money via Facebook

Do you have a Facebook account? Do you want to make a bit of money from it? Well, PayPerPost has launched a Facebook application that lets you do just that. All it entails is linking up your Facebook account to your PPP account and getting your friends to sign up, that easy. I must say though that I stopped by their Facebook page and some people have commented saying that they have had trouble linking the two. I’m sure this is something that will be rectified soon.

PPP say they will have features for advertisers and posties. A tutorial video will be released but you can take a look at the application before the video release – click here.

At the moment all that seems to be happening is that for each friend that signs up and starts blogging for them, you get $15 per referral.

This wont be for everyone as some people will want to keep Facebook solely as a way of communicating with their friends. Some just don’t like PPP (for various reasons) and will be gnashing their teeth at the idea of them getting into this social utility. If you think it could work for you there is no harm in trying it out, inviting your friends and potentially making a bit of money.

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