What is media?

media 1 |ˈmiːdɪə| noun1 (the media) [ treated as sing. or pl. ] the main means of mass communication (television, radio, and newspapers) regarded collectively: their demands were publicised by the media.2 plural form of medium.

From the definition above, media is mass communication which is something that goes hand in hand with marketing.

Traditional media such and radio and TV still have their place as advertising platforms for business. But, we now live in a digital age where consumers pretty much expect to have easy access to content they are looking for (and on demand). This massive increase in the consumption of new media makes it a medium that cannot be ignored when looking for ways to get a message across.

New media has become an important avenue through which people, businesses and brands build their online presence. This can be achieved via the use of media such as blogs and one or a couple of the many social media platforms out there.

From a marketing perspective, new media presents marketers with advertising options that allow them to target ads to that group (or groups) of people defined as the target market.

Trying to figure out all the platforms out there and which one(s) would work best for your purposes can be mind boggling. Ninetynine Ways looks at some of the platforms available, what purpose they would best suit and how brands and businesses are using them to reach their goals.

Keep in mind that new media is a forever evolving beast and what was true today could very well be irrelevant tomorrow! It pays to stay up-to-date.


Useful Resources

Are you looking to get into media and/or content creation or looking for tools to streamline the process and make you more effective at creating content? Here is a list of tools


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