Money Reader Saved My Blind Father-In-Law Money

My father-in-law is blind and amongst other things, he relies on people to help him handle his cash. Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is honest and this present him with a bit of a situation.

One of the people who was tasked with assisting him and handling a number of his affairs was not honest. One of the tasks involved helping him with his money and this presented his assistant with a temptation that was too hard to resist. What seems to have happened is that his assistant would lie to my father-in-law about the amount of money he had on him and pocket some of it bit by bit. Over an extended period of time, this added up to a substantial amount of money.

As you can imagine, when this was discovered, this led to the assistant being let go which presented the challenge of finding a replacement. But, how do you go about trusting someone to help you and handle your finances after going through such an experience?

I don’t know the answer to that question but, I came across an app which I thought would make the task of handling his money independently a reality. That app is LookTel’s Money Reader. I suggested that he download it onto his iPod Touch and now he can keep track of how much he has on hand. Gone are the days of someone telling him he has $20 when he might have had a $50 bill on him and then shortchanging him.

About LookTel’s Money Reader

Money Reader is an application that recognises currency and speaks out the denomination of whatever bill it is pointed towards. That said, it is plain to see how this would be handy for visually impaired or blind people. It supports twenty one currencies which include the US Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Singapore Dollar, Indian Rupee and the list goes on (watch the video below to see the app in action).

My father-in-law is not big on technology but Money Reader is one piece of technology that he is happy about and one that has saved him money now that no-one is stealing from him.

Would you recommend this app to anyone?

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