New Zealand Social Media Statistics, March 2013

About 3 weeks ago, the following question was posed by a New Zealand based Twitter user:

I too became a bit curious and tried to hunt around for the answer but I couldn’t find anything useful and most of the responses to his question directed him towards good old Google which didn’t seem to come up with anything useful either.

I just came across some stats on the number of Kiwis signed up to various social networks (as at March 2013) that may be useful:

Social Network Number of users Percentage of New Zealand’s Population (4,462,510)
 Facebook  2,269,160  50.85%
 YouTube  2,108,597  47.25%
 LinkedIn  782,537  17.54%
 WordPress  573,544  12.85%
 Tumblr  541, 759  12.14%
 Twitter  380,428  8.52%
 TripAdvisor  191,407  4.29%
 Pinterest  177,650  3.98%
 Instragram  166,840  3.74%
 Flickr  138,257  3.10%
 StumbleUpon  26,163  1.54%
 Reddit  21,500  0.59%
 Foursquare  12,980  0.48%
 Bebo  8,827  0.29%
 Digg  5,430  0.12%
 Google+ Insufficient data

Source: Adcorp

The number of Facebook users came as no surprise but I would have expected the number of Twitter users to be higher than the current 308,428. One inclusion on the list that made me chuckle was Bebo and I found it surprising that people actually still use it?

Do you have any other sources for  New Zealand Social Media statistics?

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  1. Josephine Hagan November 3, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    I’ve been looking for the same information myself! Found some good demographic data on, but it only works for the companies who have signed up with them, eg. WordPress, Tumblr and LinkedIn.


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