New Zealand Social Media Statistics, October 2013

Just over half a year ago, I published statistics on the number of Kiwi’s signed up to the various social networks > New Zealand Social Media Statistics, March 2013. Given the amount of time that has gone by since then, it felt appropriate to revisit the numbers to see where things sit to date.

The most obvious change between then and now is that YouTube has taken over the number one spot from Facebook with the highest number of users. This wasn’t too much of surprise given how popular YouTube and the fact that it is the world’s second largest search engine and makes search more visual and engaging.

Generally speaking, there has been an increase in the number of users across most of the networks bar a couple or so which include Twitter and LinkedIn. The Twitter stats weren’t too much of a surprise given how there hasn’t seemed to be much of an uptake to Twitter by Kiwi’s. As far as LinkedIn goes, that was a bit surprising given how powerful it is a recruitment tool. Maybe more Kiwi’s need to be educated about how these networks can be used to work for them in areas of their personal lives such as their career. This might see a major upward shift in the number of users to some networks.

Platforms namely WordPress, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest saw significant increase in user numbers. Given what it is that these social platforms do and achieve, it may be sign of more and more people wanting to express themselves in different ways.

The reasons for the trends are based on personal opinion but for people/businesses/brands that use social media for branding and marketing, the figures below may give some food for thought.

Social Network Number of users Percentage of New Zealand’s Population (4,489,649)
 YouTube  2,483,505  55.32%
 Facebook  2,400,000  53.46%
 WordPress  862,783  19.22%
 Tumblr  702,260  15.64%
 LinkedIn  668,776  14.90%
 MySpace  395,448  8.81%
 Twitter  352,297  7.85%
 Instagram  286,815  6.39%
 Pinterest  252,021  5.61%
 Flickr  135,931  3.03%
 TripAdvisor  135,253  3.01%
 StumbleUpon  27,769  0.62%
 Foursquare  25,671  0.57%
 Reddit  22,590  0.50%
 Bebo  2,686  0.06%
 Google+ Insufficient data

Source: Adcorp

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