Is Now The Time To Become a Google Trusted Photographer?

Google recently started a push to get businesses (mainly small to medium sized businesses) in Australia and New Zealand that aren’t already online, online. What they are doing is encouraging businesses to get online by creating a profile on Google My Business which in itself is free.

Google My Business isn’t something new, it is pretty much an upgrade of Google Places and Google+ and does the same thing in that it allows businesses to have their most up to date information and for local business, greater discoverability in search results (just to name a few benefits).

As far a businesses in New Zealand, a recent governemt publication reported that there are 460,000 small to medium sized business in NZ. Chances are, a huge proportion of them do not have a presence on the internet. This presents an opportunity for individuals and business who help businesses and brands get online (or enhance their online visibility).

As already mentioned, it is free for a business to get on Google so they could potentially do it themselves. To enhance a profile imagery can be added to it but to make it stand out even more, an inside view of the business can do wonders.

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As you can see from the imagery above, you are looking inside a small social media business in Auckland. This inside view, called “Business View” gives customers a 360 degree view of a business with this virtual tour being available on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+. This is where a Google Trusted Photographer comes into the picture.

In order to get a Business View online, businesses have to go through a Google Trusted Photographer. At present, there are 12 trusted photographers in NZ. If for example only 1% of the SME’s in NZ wanted to enhance their profiles, they would probably struggle to keep up with demand. This creates a potential opportunity for photographers with the right skills and equipment to get into this space before the masses catch on and it becomes saturated.

How To Become A Google Trusted Photographer

To become a trusted photographer, you will as a start have to know what you are doing and be a pro or semi pro photographer or agency. Next off the bat would be having the correct equipment which may include a DSLR, an 8mm fish eye lens and a tripod head such as Google approved Atome panoramic rotator which are occasionally available on eBay. The next step is filling out an application form which can be found at: Become a Trusted Photographer or Agency, and waiting to hear back from Google.

As a trusted photographer, you will need to have some sales experience or at least be able to get out there and sell yourself and your business. But, the great thing about this program is that once you have gone through the training and met Google’s requirements, you get listed as a trusted photographer or agency and businesses that require your services can easily find you.

This may not be something that can be taken on full time but it could be a potentially good stream of additional revenue. Do you see this as an additional revenue stream that is worth the while?

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  1. Thomas May 17, 2016 at 8:54 pm #

    Hello ,
    What is the first step after submitting the application.

    • Gerri May 19, 2016 at 2:42 pm #

      Hi Thomas,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m not sure what happens after gaining certification. I did not manage to get that far as I don’t have the correct equipment.

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