Get Paid Up To $100 For Testing Blogger

I was reading through blogger buzz and came across their post Test Blogger and We’ll Love You and Pay You. It briefly outlines a usability study where you use a Google product or prototype and give feedback on it. There are four different types of studies where you either go to a Google office, do […]

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Buy Me A Beer? – PayPal Donation Button?

[ad#Adsense 250×250 White]I read through other blogs whenever I can and quite a few of them have a Buy Me A Beer (or similar) plugin or a standard PayPal donation button. I see this whole concept of buying someone a beer or basically donating a really small amount of money to them as a show […]

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Yahoo! Publisher Network

Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) is a contextual based advertising program providing cost per click contextual advertising, similar to Google Adsense. YPN has a unique feature, Ad Targeting which allows you to identify the types of ads that you think your visitors will find appealing and target these specific ads towards them. It is currently not […]

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Earn Extra Cash Running eBay Ads – AuctionAds

If you are stuck for ideas on earning extra cash on you blog/site or there is nothing out there that really suites you needs or you just want to add another way of monetizing your blog/site, AuctionAds may be for you. AuctionAds is a type of advertising where you display live eBay! auctions. You are […]

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Affiliate Marketing – Advertiser Ad Relevance

The relevance of your advertiser’s ads in relation to your site content can play a big part in your commission earnings. It is important to place ads, text links, or product links that are relevant to your site/blog’s content. Contextual banners, buttons, embedded text links etc. related to your site/blog’s content are more likely to […]

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To KONTERA or not?

A few days ago I put up Kontera ContentLink in-text ads as a source of revenue.Kontera’s ContentLink basically turns certain keywords from your web page into a link to a txt ad from Kontera’s advertisers. There are quite a few Kontera advocates who are touting it as the next big thing after Google’s Adsense. On […]

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AGLOCO BUZZ – Potential for BIG Money!!

I have visited quite a few sites/blogs over the past few days and everywhere I go there seems to be a really big buzz going on about AGLOCO; I’ve been thinking about whether or not to sign up? I was a bit sceptical at first but after going to their site and reading through what […]

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Online Auctions as a Stream of Income

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that one of the ways that people make money online is through online auctions. There are plenty of stories out there of power sellers who are making thousands of dollars a month. Some of them do it selling ebooks covering a wide range of topics and a […]

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Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing? It’s basically you advertising products and/or services and getting paid a commission on any sales or leads eventuating from your visitors. Commission rates vary and are set by the publisher of the product and/or service you have chosen to advertise. If you do a search for Affiliate Networks/Programs you’ll find that […]

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