phpBay Pro 20% Off Coupon Code

Following on from the last about my experience with phpBay Pro, I managed to get a hold of a 20% off coupon code from Wade Wells (the brains behind phpBay). This coupon code was specifically put together for people who sign up via Ninety Nine Ways so instead of paying $79 for phpBay Pro you can get your hands on it for $63.20 which is a good deal for an investment that is well worth it.

Please note that the 20% off is LIMITED to the first 50 people who take advantage of the discount. To take advantage of the offer all you need to do is email me using the form below and I will email you back with the coupon code is nothing at all. The phpBay Pro Coupon Code is:


Note: Some people have been experiencing problems using this form. If you do not see a success message or receive an email with the coupon code leave a comment and I will get it to you. If you experience any problems using the code please do let me know.

To add to that, Hostgator provided me with a couple of coupon codes for really cheap hosting for the first month (if you don’t already have a hosting account). They are:

HOSTGATOR – $9.94 off the first month (you end up paying $0.01 for the first month)

BEACH – 20% off the first invoice.

There you go, get your hands on phpBay Pro for 20% less before other people do and you miss out on the discount.


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