phpOStock, A WordPress Ecommerce Solution + 20% Off Coupon

Following on from the post about building niche stores with phpBay Pro, there is another WordPress plugin that lets you do the same thing but the difference is that sites are built with the Overstock affiliate program on Commission Junction. The affiliate plugin helps bloggers and niche store webmasters to add Overstock listings to their sites and maximise on their affiliate program.

About Overstock is a liquidation site that offers a variety of goods at a discounted rate. They are not limited to North America as is the case with a number of similar sites. They ship to a number of destinations around the world which for you as an affiliate means that your reach is not limited to only a few geographic locations.

About phpOStock

[WPMID=29] is a plugin that provides you with a way of earning money with WordPress sites and the Overstock affiliate program. It enables you to place listings within the posts, pages and sidebars of a site. The plugin itself is very easy to use and after configuring it and entering a few settings which doesn’t take long at all, you are good to go.

When a visitor clicks through to Overstock and purchases an item via your site, you are paid a commission on the sale. There are a few examples of sites using the phpOStock which you can find via the plugin homepage. I would have directed you towards mine but it is still a work in progress.

Main Features

  • Earn up to 7% revenue through the affiliate program which runs through
  • Add live store listings to your WordPress site within posts or pages using a single string of code.
  • Configurable sidebar widget for WordPress to list up to 50 items in your WordPress sidebar.
  • List items from 11 different categories and thousands of sub categories, with literally hundreds of thousands of items to choose from.
  • Multiple site license which will allow you to use phpOStock on as many WordPress sites as you choose.
  • FREE lifetime upgrades.
  • Comprehensive user manual.

[WPMID=29] comes in a Lite version which is free and a Pro version with the Lite version obviously coming with a lot less features but it allows you to test out the plugin before you go ahead and purchase it. The Pro version is currently available for $30 which is a lot less than you would expect to pay for such a plugin. The $30 price tag is available for a limited time and the price will eventually go up as more and more features are added. I got in touch with one of the developers and he sent through a 20% off coupon code for people who purchase the plugin via Ninety Nine Ways. This means that if you act quickly you can get the plugin for just $24. If you would like the coupon code, fill out the form below: The coupon code is:


(Note: if you have any problems using the code please do get in touch with me)

To add to that, when you buy the plugin, you also get 16 bonus items for free which include:

– 4 x Template Listing Styles
– 12 x WordPress Commerce Themes

The themes themselves cost $27 and having them at your disposal only makes the process of building a niche store that much easier. I don’t know how long they will be offered as a bonus for so it might be a good idea to get your hands on [WPMID=29] for the low price as soon as possible.

Want to Get phpOStock Pro FREE? Come back in a couple of days to find out how you can win it.


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