Prospecting For Leads On Twitter With NeedTagger

Over the last few years, social media has taken off in a big way and this has seen a number of businesses of all shapes and sizes taking to various social networks in an effort generate more leads. The number of people signing up to the various networks has grown exponentially with Facebook alone recently hitting the 1 billion user mark and Twitter passing the 500 million user mark earlier in the year.

Having so many people signed up to and using various social networks presents opportunities for business to market themselves. But, the vast number of users creates a problem of “noise”. People share anything and everything on social media and this can make it challenging for businesses when prospecting for leads.

That said, “noise” could put businesses off social media but this doesn’t need to be the case because there are technologies that can be employed that comb through the web and look for targeted leads.

NeedTagger is one such technology that helps you search for new leads on Twitter. It works in such a way where you set up a custom stream of opportunities based on audience, location and need (based on keywords). It then goes on to monitor and detect Twitter users based on your specifications. An email is then sent out to on a daily basis with a list of these opportunities to whom you can respond to accordingly be it answering questions or directing them to your landing pages and so on.

An added bonus with NeedTagger is that it is available in the HootSuite App Directory. This means that not only do can you manage your social media efforts in one dashboard, you can also prospect for leads within HootSuite.

The only down side that I have come across (for someone like me who lives outside the US) is that the location targeting option is limited to US cities. All in all, it looks like a tool that could make lead generation a whole lot easier.

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