Save With Microsoft Live Search Cashback

Microsoft Live Search Cashback

A fair number of us make a lot our purchases online not only because it is convenient but because of all the deals that you can get your hands on online. If you delve deeper into getting the best deal possible you will find that you can in fact get more of a deal on what you already thought was a good deal. Microsoft Live Search Cashback is one of those places where you can make the most of online savings.

Microsoft Live Search cashback saves you money by giving you cashback savings based on a percentage of the product price for items that you find via Live Search. Cashback deals have a coin icon next to them. If you are looking for deals on specific items, you can search them out at the Live Search cashback site.

After you have found and made a qualifying purchase, the cashback percentage saving of the purchase price is credited to your cashback account. These deposits are listed as pending for up to 60 days after which you can get your cold hard cash. A number of eBay items are included in the cashback scheme and you could get up to 25% off purchases which will save you even more on something you may already be getting at a bargain price (some eBay purchases, if paid for via PayPal are eligible for and immediate reward that is deposited straight back into your PayPal account).

Funds in your cashback account can be withdrawn once the available balance is over $5. You can choose to be paid out via PayPal, direct debit or cheque. Savings are however limited to $2,500 every calendar year but even if you do reach that limit, that is an extra $2,500 in your pocket. The service is free to use and is only available to US residents.

Yes, this may be a ploy to get more people to use Live Search instead of other search engines such as Google, Yahoo but hey if you can save up to $2,500 per year by using Live now and then, what do you have to lose?


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  1. cashback February 22, 2009 at 2:39 am #

    I just started to use livesearch cashback any one know it the tracking is reliable?

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