Save……on calls – Skype!!

Besides trying to make money, it pays to also find ways of cutting down costs. There is no point in making a killing doing whatever it is that you are doing and at the same time spending a lot of money doing it.

If you are someone who makes a lot of phones calls, an option that may work for you in cutting down costs could be a internet telephony service such as Skype. The great thing about Skype is that it is free from Skype-to-Skype. Calls can be made to landlines and mobiles at really good rates. I have been using Skype for a while now and have not yet been disappointed. The sound quality of the calls is good and it has cut down my phone bills by a substantial amount. They also offer a whole bunch of other services such as sms and video calls. If you haven’t already taken a look at Skype, it would pay to do so.
Another great thing about Skype is that it can be linked to your ebay account (if you have one). If you are a seller this makes it even easier for potential bidders to contact you with any queries about your listing(s).

If you are already on ebay buying and selling then chances are you will also have a Paypal account which provides you with a quick and easy way to pay for auctions you have won and for sellers, receiving payments. Paypal can also be used to buy Skype credit and products.


There are other services that you could use but I just love ther way Skype, Paypal and Ebay all tie in together. Try them out for yourselves.
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  1. Strategic Niche Articles Resources For Your Internet Marketing Resources May 11, 2007 at 3:37 pm #

    Hi there,

    Alternatively, you can try VoipBusterPro, which it claims to be cheaper and clearer than Skype.

    Moreover, you can make free calls to selected countries. Check it out.

    No harm to have both in your PC !

    Calvin Chin

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