Sell And/Or Recycle Your Old Electronics – A Comparison of Gazelle, TradeUps and BuyMyTronics

These days, everyone is talking about going ‘Green’ and earlier today when clearing up a few things I came across a box with a few electronics we no longer use. This presented me with the problem of what to do with them but then I remembered about a post I wrote a little while back about selling old electronics. I felt it right to revisit the topic since one thing that all of us have and use in our everyday lives are electronics which are being upgraded ever so often. Most people will either sell, throw away or box (and forget about) their electronics. If you are thinking about getting rid of your old electronics and selling them would not be worth the trouble it pays to see what you can get for them from services that pay you for your old electronics. If it doesn’t have a cash value you can send it off to them and they can deal with having to recycle it for you.

If you have a few electronics you are looking to get rid of I thought I would make life easy for you and put together a table comparing three of the bigger services (Gazelle, TradeUps & BuyMyTronics) that will pay you for them:




Service Availability United States
Free to use
Personalised offer for items not listed in their catalog
Free Shipping Within the United States shipping credit
Internationally shipping credit not available shipping credit
Payment options cheque
Direct Deposit
Donate to Charity
Referral Program
Affiliate Program
Environmentally friendly
Recycling of items with no cash value

There you have it, you can be ‘Green’ and make a little money at it as well. I hope this helps you make a more informed choice when it comes to what to do with your old electronics.

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