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Selling Your iPhone 4 & 3GS With Gazelle Just Became Easier

With the imminent release of Apple’s iPhone 5, there is a bound to be a flood of people getting rid of their iPhone 4’s and 3GS’s. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that some retailers reduced the price of an unlocked 8GB 3GS from NZ$919 to $599 in what I suspect is a move to get rid of stock and make space for the iPhone 5.

That said, reCommerce giant Gazelle seems to have readied themselves for this flood and have released an iOS app (Gazelle – Gadget Trader) to make selling iPhones that much easier. To sell an iPhone from an iPhone, all that someone has to do is answer 3 questions about the smartphones physical condition. If you are happy with the how much they offer you for the device and the sale has been confirmed, a shipping label is emailed out to you. Once you have shipped off the device, it takes about 5-7 days to receive payment. That easy!

The only thing I would say sucks about this is that Gazelle’s services are only available in the United States. Maybe someone in the Australia/New Zealand region should take the initiative and start up a similar service?

Take a look at the video below to see the app in action and for other details I didn’t include in the post.

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