How Staying Up-to-date With Broadband Plans Can Save You Money

Our broadband package comes with 50GB of data a month which we thought was more than enough for our needs. Lately we have been reaching that limit and the consequences of going above it were to either pay for additional data or have our download speeds reduced to 64kbps which would have just been painful! All of this prompted me to look at what other options were available and if they fell within our budget. Since we are locked into a term contract with our current provider (Vodafone), we were limited to what they had on offer.

One thing that Vodafone does a lot of is advertising but it gets to a point where I don’t really pay much attention to them. In this regards, it was somewhat to my own detriment because new data packages had been introduced since we signed up at the start of the year.

We were originally on a $95 per month ‘Choice’ plan which amongst other things came with 50GB of monthly data. Their new packages includes the ‘Share’ plan which is somewhat similar to what we got with ‘Choice’ plan except for the fact that it comes with 80GB at a cost of $85 per month.

Not only did switching plans mean more data to play with, it meant a saving of $10 a month. Over an extended period of time such as for example a year, this works out to $120. If I had paid attention to or at least tried to keep up to date with what was on offer and made the switch right when the new packages were introduced, this would have meant a bit more of a saving. It may not sound like much but, it has freed up an extra $10 per month which can be put to better use.

One question that I had and one that I was told the answer to as I was about to ask it was;

“are customers informed about new packages/plans that they might want to consider?”.

The response I was given was that first of all the new plans are meant for new customers and that with current customers, they are informed via advertising on TV, radio and other media that Vodafone uses to market products; the onus then falls on customers to call customer services to make changes to the plan if they feel the need to.

My take on it was that there really wasn’t much of an effort put in to let current customers know and in a way I don’t blame Vodafone. They are running a business and why let customers who are paying $95 know about a package that is $10 cheaper and one that gives them more data?

So, make sure you stay up to date with changes that happen with your broadband and other service providers. It may save you a bit of money in the long run.

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