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eBay’s top Cyber Monday deals


With Christmas upon us, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend is seen by many as that start of the holiday shopping season. If you haven’t already done so, it is a good time to get started with gift shopping for family, friends and yourself. There are numerous deals on offer on a whole range of products […]

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It’s Time To Make Money From The iPhone 4S

Let's Talk iPhone Invite

Apple is set to announce its eagerly awaited iPhone 5 (or maybe iPhone 4S) on October 4 at the “Lets Talk iPhone” event. Surveys show that anticipation for the next generation iPhone is high and Gazelle (a recommerce site) has noticed a marked increase in the number of iPhones being traded in over the last […]

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Need Funding For Your eBay Business?

eBay recently posted higher than expected third quarter profits which is a good thing for them but also a good thing for sellers. I saw it as a sign that more stuff is being sold on eBay and figures show that this was the case. Being a seller myself I experienced a slump in sales […]

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phpBay Pro 20% Off Coupon Code

Following on from the last about my experience with phpBay Pro, I managed to get a hold of a 20% off coupon code from Wade Wells (the brains behind phpBay). This coupon code was specifically put together for people who sign up via Ninety Nine Ways so instead of paying $79 for phpBay Pro you […]

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eBay’s Partner Network Launched

eBay has just launched their new global affiliate platform, the eBay Partner Network. I was an eBay affiliate through Commission Junction (CJ) and that particular partnership has treated me very well over the months. A few people have signed up for eBay.com via links on my blogs and I have been paid which has earned […]

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The POWER of eBay Misspelt Items

I was reading through Day Job Nuker and came across a very interesting post on what has to be the biggest hash up I have ever seen when it comes to eBay! misspelt items. Back in June of this year, petere92346 put up a listing for a VERY rare 1852 bottle of Allsopp’s Arctic Ale […]

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Ebay Bargain Search for Misspelt Items

I just stopped by ebestagent and came across a fantastic tool that can be used when looking for eBay! bargains and/or items to resell. A countless number of items are listed on eBay! with spelling mistakes in the descriptions. This leads to a high chance of buyers not being able to find these items. If […]

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