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Make Money As A Social Media Manager


The other day, I was looking around at what kinds of jobs are being advertised at the moment and I was surprised to see the number of positions popping up that have to do with social media. A couple people that I follow on Twitter have even managed to establish themselves as social media specialists […]

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Sell Your Products on Facebook With Payvment

More and more individuals, bloggers and companies are turning to Facebook as a way of connecting with people, increasing blog traffic, building a brand and the list goes on. Some people are taking that further and are selling their products right on Facebook. Having that functionality makes it a lot easier and more convenient for […]

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Make Money With Your Smartphone

When it comes to iPhone apps there are many people out there who have made a killing by coming with something and selling it to the masses for $0.99. Not all of use are technically minded enough to build an application for a smartphone. We may have a good concept in mind but hit a […]

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Make Money on Twitter with MyLikes & Win $25

People have mixed feelings about making money via Twitter for various reasons which I wont go into in this post. I personally don’t have any qualms with the whole concept and I have been making money on Twitter via two methods so far. The first is Sponsored Tweets and the second is RevResponse and Twitterfeed […]

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ZaaBiz Offering Cash For Your Twitter Followers

ZaaBiz, an Australian networking platform for professionals where people can interact on a business level is offering its members the chance to monetize their Tweets. Not only do get the chance to engage with like minded professionals where you can open yourself to a whole new world of opportunity, you can also earn money on […]

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Magpie a Tweet or Adjix it For Cash

There are a number of ways of making money via Twitter with one of the more obvious ways being sending out tweets with affiliate and other related links. A more direct method of making money via Twitter is by getting paid to place ads directly into your tweets. There are a couple of services out […]

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