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How to delete your child’s musical.ly account


Tech and the internet are two wonderful things. When these two collide (with a little bit of creativity thrown in the mix), there is no limit to the number of amazing things that can be brought to life. For the most part, these creations are brought to life with good intentions. When used well, they […]

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Make Money As A Social Media Manager


The other day, I was looking around at what kinds of jobs are being advertised at the moment and I was surprised to see the number of positions popping up that have to do with social media. A couple people that I follow on Twitter have even managed to establish themselves as social media specialists […]

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Sell Your Products on Facebook With Payvment

More and more individuals, bloggers and companies are turning to Facebook as a way of connecting with people, increasing blog traffic, building a brand and the list goes on. Some people are taking that further and are selling their products right on Facebook. Having that functionality makes it a lot easier and more convenient for […]

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Make Money With Your Smartphone

When it comes to iPhone apps there are many people out there who have made a killing by coming with something and selling it to the masses for $0.99. Not all of use are technically minded enough to build an application for a smartphone. We may have a good concept in mind but hit a […]

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Make Money on Twitter with MyLikes & Win $25

People have mixed feelings about making money via Twitter for various reasons which I wont go into in this post. I personally don’t have any qualms with the whole concept and I have been making money on Twitter via two methods so far. The first is Sponsored Tweets and the second is RevResponse and Twitterfeed […]

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ZaaBiz Offering Cash For Your Twitter Followers

ZaaBiz, an Australian networking platform for professionals where people can interact on a business level is offering its members the chance to monetize their Tweets. Not only do get the chance to engage with like minded professionals where you can open yourself to a whole new world of opportunity, you can also earn money on […]

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