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Getting Paid For Your Videos

The video you just watched has earned its producer $1,928 to date and you watching it has only added to that total. He is one of the many people on Metacafe who are racking in a reasonable amount of cash from their videos. The video is less than two minutes long and he probably didn’t […]

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Get Paid For Your Video Reviews with ExpoTV.com

ExpoTV.com is a site where consumers upload video reviews and consumer reports on products and services they use everyday. It is the YouTube for product reviews where you too can get in on the action and make yourself a bit of cash whilst you are at it. Their service works the same way as any […]

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Make Money With Your Videos

There are so many video viewing sites on the net with one of the most well known one probably being YouTube. There have been reports flying around of late about being able to monetize your site with YouTube players with Adsense units in them. I have not yet seen any of these. There are other […]

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