Taking The Time Out To Fill Out Mail-In Redemption Forms

Cashback offers are all over the place and they seem very appealing as you are in theory getting whatever it is you are purchasing at a discount that is if you bother to redeem it. More often than not however, people just can’t seem to be bothered to fill out the forms or they don’t fill them out correctly and don’t get the cashback. That is exactly what the companies want you to do as they get to keep  more of your money.

Sometimes it may be better to just hunt around for ‘that thing’ at an up-front discounted price without the need for a mail-in redemption. If the cashback offer is your best choice then make sure you take time out to:

  • read the fine print to see what you need to include to get your rebate – as is the case with just about everything out there, the small print is where we usually get caught out
  • fill out the form correctly
  • fill it out in a timely manner and make sure to mail it off well before the closing date
  • take copies of everything – if you experience any problems later down the line you will have proof to back-up your claim

Rebate offers can seem to be more of a pain to redeem than they are worth but the way I see it, if you do purchase an item that has a cashback offer it is worth your while to take a few minutes to follow the steps above. Stop telling yourself that you don’t have time to fill out the forms or that it’s just not worth it or not bother at all. It is after all a few more dollars back into YOUR pocket.


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