The Content Marketing Strategy Burger [INFOGRAPHIC]

When formulating any sort of strategy, there are various elements that need to be put together in order for it to work. The same goes for content marketing which entails having to make use of various elements such as the content itself, audience and channels you use to drive traffic (just to name a few) in order for it to be effective.

Using a burger as an analogy, Mark Smiciklas put together a simple graphic to show the necessary components needed for successful content marketing. The components have been broken down into 5 elements which include, AUDIENCE, CONTENT THEME, VOICE & TONE, CONTENT FORMAT and a BUN (CHANNELS).

What I like about it is that it shows how all of the elements fit together to form a burger (STRATEGY) and get you thinking about how if one component was missing; the sauce for example (voice and tone) then the burger won’t quite be a burger!

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