The iPhone 4S Creates Opportunities For Money Making App Development

The iPhone 4S along with its technological advancements went on sale in New Zealand yesterday. Its new features include a faster processor, 8MP camera, iCloud and of course iOS 5 that Apple touts as the most advanced mobile operating system. iOS 5 in itself adds over 200 new features to the iPhone which may make the millions of people who love it, love it even more!

The phone’s hardware and software advancements open a window of opportunity for the development of apps that once couldn’t be developed being developed. A good example of this in action is from the folks over at 1000memories.com. The site amongst other things allows its users to share old photos with family and friends. With the photos being old, more often than not there is a need to digitise them. The sharpness of the 8 megapixel camera on the iPhone 4S can effectively turn it into a high end scanner. 1000memories jumped on this and developed Shoebox, an app that turns the iPhone into a pocket scanner. The app gives its users a faster way of scanning and sharing old paper photos.

Shoebox took advantage of one of the many iPhone enhancements and created something that their users will value. There will be a number of people out there who have creative minds and may have already thought of iOS apps they would like to develop.

The main stumbling block for a lot of people who want to make their idea into a reality is where to begin? This is even more the case if they don’t have any programming skills. Just looking at the associated programming terminology and jargon is enough to put people off the thought forever.

If you have an idea for an app (or game), there are a number of avenues you can take to making your idea a reality. One easy way could be to turn to an app designer to do the work for you. If you have budget constraints, the next option would be to build the app yourself.

After taking a look around at the “do-it-yourself” application development options, the best that I have come across is iPhoneDevSecrets.

Why iPhoneDevSecrets?

Over the course of a few short weeks, the course takes you through a simple step-by-step process that will in no time see you idea become a reality. And remember, this is all done without any programming skills.

Another iPhoneDevSecrets draw card is that it isn’t only about building the app. It also covers topics such as ad network integration, marketing and selling which are just as important if not more important than building the application for the following reasons:

Ad Network Integration – not everyone likes to spend money on apps and people may be more inclined to download free ones. Offering an app free of charge doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money from it. Ad network integration creates your revenue stream

Marketing – To be able to make your development efforts and your app a success, you need to market it well. The course runs through how to successfully market and sell your application and hopefully make it a hit on the App Store

With the ever-evolving world that we live in, there is always something new that makes life just a little easier. An added advantage of iPhoneDevSecrets is that it can be easily updated (and is updated when need be) meaning you have access to current and relevant resources on app development. The course is a lot cheaper than what you may think it would cost and to get you going, you can start off with a $1 30 Day Trial of iPhoneDevSecrets to see if it is worth your while.

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