Tips From Ricky Gervais On How To Create Better Content

In the world of marketing, content creation can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge and I’m sure you can think of a whole bunch of reasons why. More often than not, content creation is about telling stories that your audience would want to read and that they can connect with.

Fast Company’s Creation Stories highlights the stories of people that they consider to be the most creative out there. It aims to shed some light on these people’s creative process and how they come up with what they come up with.

One of the people featured is Ricky Gervais who shared a story about how he learned to write. His process centers around things that are so easy to follow and something that we can all do. Be honest and write about what you know!

Watch the video, digest it and let me know what your thoughts are on his creative process.

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One Response to Tips From Ricky Gervais On How To Create Better Content

  1. Joe October 22, 2013 at 1:39 pm #

    Trying to make the ordinary, extraordinary is pretty good advice.

    I don’t think you get any more ordinary than a paper office in Slough, but The Office was a pretty extraordinary show.

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