The Tools That Keep Me Going

I signed myself up to do the 30 Day Blog Challenge a couple of weeks ago or so even though I knew I was going to be pressed for time. But, here I am responding to the challenge albeit a little delayed!

Day 7 of the challenge was all about the tools that help us maintain a mindset of getting things done. Life in itself is busy with family, work, pursuing various opportunities, exercising, socialising and so.

It can all become a muddled mess but there are a few tools that I turn to to manage myself and my time.

The first thing for me would be getting my mind right because without that, it would be really difficult to get things done and get to where you want to get.

With my mind right, the top tools that I use are:

Evernote: ideas come to mind at random times and Evernote provides me with the perfect solution to note these down. It also offers a number of functionalities to help organise notes, web pages of interest and the list goes on. Another really good thing about it is that you can access your notes on your computer, the web and mobile devices!

Calendar (iOS & OS X Mountain Lion): planning out what I’m going to or intend to do is integral in making sure it happens which is where a calendar comes in handy. I don’t need a fancy tool to do this which is why calendar is sufficient enough for my scheduling needs.

HootSuite: I am relatively active on various social media platforms and via multiple accounts. I’ve mentioned social media because it does to a certain extent help me keep going. HootSuite makes the whole social media management process easy.

Nike+ Running: I am believer of a healthy body equaling a healthy mind. Exercise plays a part in making that happen, and a challenge I’ve set myself for later in the year is running the Adidas Auckland 1/2 Marathon. This app does what I need it to do to track my progress and helps me make sure I’m not slipping.

Bible: last but certainly not least is the Bible. This is a tool I turn to on a daily basis to get me through life because at the end of the day, I owe it all to God.

What tools do you use to keep you going?


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