Turning off Facebook’s video auto-play to save on mobile data

Yes, Facebook’s auto play video is a great enhancement for some and a major annoyance for others. Since it’s introduction and international rollout, many Facebook mobile app users may have (or may not have dependent or how much notice you take of your data) noticed an increase in their data usage. One thing that many users may not have realised is that the video auto-play feature eats away at your mobile data.

Depending on how much you use Facebook on your smartphone or tablet, and the type of data plan you are on, auto-play could see you maxing out your data and possibly ending up with extra charges that you did not anticipate.

If it is an annoyance or you want to reduce the amount of data that the Facebook app uses, the good news is that you can turn off auto-play completely or restrict it to Wi-Fi only.

Here’s how:

iPhone and iPad – Settings > Facebook > Settings > Auto-play > choose an option (On, Wi-fi only, Off)

Android – Open the Facebook app > menu > settings > Video Auto-play > choose an option (On, Wi-fi only, Off)


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