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Using Coupon Code Plugin To Help Maximise Affiliate Marketing Profits

Over the past few weeks the number of emails I have been getting from my affiliate networks of choice has increased. With the holiday season fast approaching, a number of vendors are stepping up their campaigns so that they can get as much of the money that will be spent by online consumers in the next few weeks.

As part of this drive, a number of them are coming up with all sorts of offerings to entice people to spend their money with them. These offerings may include percentage off discounts, free shipping, daily deals, a dollar amount discount after a certain amount spent and so on and so forth. In order to take advantage of a number of these promotions, consumers will probably need to use or apply a coupon code.

How Marketers Lose Out on Coupon Commissions

For affiliate marketers, the task of promoting an advertiser offering with a coupon code may seem as easy as placing the code up on a page. Doing this could lead to a loss in revenue if a site visitor can simply copy and paste the coupon code. This is how:

  • visitor lands on your site via Google search etc.
  • visitor highlights and copies coupon of interest
  • visitor opens a new tab in their browser and goes to the advertiser site without clicking on an affiliate link on your site
  • visitor completes a transaction on advertiser site using a coupon code that they found on your site

As you can see, if they use the coupon code in this manner, you will have lost out on a commission. Depending on how good you are at driving traffic to your site, this could mean a loss of 2,3,7…16…. who knows commissions a day. Depending on what the item is and how much the vendor pays out, you could be losing out on a substantial amount of money.

How Coupon Code Plugin Increases Click Through Rate

A way off getting around this problem is to have a system in place where visitors have to take an action such as them clicking on your affiliate link in order to copy the coupon code. Coupon Code Plugin for WordPress allows you to do just that by letting you add stylised coupon codes to posts and/or pages that visitors cannot just highlight and copy.

It comes with a range of various button options (as well as custom options) with which to display your coupons. Other features include being able to mask affiliate links, opening of the target site in a new window, a custom call to action and various button icon options such as an arrow, scissors or a + sign (just to name a few).

The stylised button also acts to draw the attention of visitors and this with an effective call to action will lead to an increase in click though rate because you are making life easy for them. With the coupon code button also taking them to the target site you the affiliate should realise an increase in commissions.

The holiday season bring with it November. November brings with it “Black Friday”, the most profitable day of the year for online sales. The following Monday, “Cyber Monday” is also a very lucrative day for online retailers. There will be all sorts of coupons on all sorts of deals that consumers want to take advantage off. All that you as an affiliate marketer needs to do is position yourself for maximum profitability. Consumers spend BILLIONS of dollars a year via coupons and if you are an affiliate marketer who is serious and wants as share of the pie, there is no better way to do this than with the use of Coupon Code Plugin.

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